123rd US Open at The Los Angeles Country Club (LACC)

posted on Monday, July 17, 2023 in Golf

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This year, the 123rd US Open Championship was held at The Los Angeles Country Club (LACC), a 126-year-old course with around 325 acres in the middle of Beverly Hills.  While all eyes were on the players throughout the week, the Stotz Equipment golf team was focused on the greens and on the green machines - the John Deere Equipment that help make the game possible. Around 140 reels hit the grass every morning and 20 every evening, and over 100 machines were escorted through Beverly Hills and across Wilshire Boulevard every day. The Stotz Equipment team worked with LACC consistently over the last year to make sure they had all new equipment and to help prepare for the big event. Leading up to the big event, the team was on site every day for two weeks to make sure the course and equipment were ready and the LACC had the support they needed.

During the event itself, the day started at 3:00 am and the Stotz Equipment team was among around 90 volunteers who were on the course at 4:30 am each morning to cut fairways, greens, fringe, approaches, and tees and to rake bunkers, repair ball marks, and more. During the morning cut, all Stotz Equipment service technicians were out on the course to check cut quality and make needed adjustments on the course. The team spent the rest of the day checking those 140 reels, grinding reels as needed, and delivering parts around the clock. The night mow started at 6:30pm followed by additional evening jobs and greens mower checks to wrap up the day by 11:00pm each night.

The historic LACC hosted a great event this year. With well over 100 years to its name, it's no surprise they know a thing or two about golf, and with over 75 years to their name, it's no surprise Stotz Equipment was able to help make the course look its best when all eyes were on the green.

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