How to Properly Ballast Your Tractor!

posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023 in How-To & DIY

Did you know that the total weight and weight split of your tractor as well as the air pressure in the tires can have a major impact on the performance and efficiency of that tractor? It may take some time and effort, but a properly ballasted tractor will help you achieve maximum productivity while using the least amount of fuel as possible. In this video series, we will teach you how to properly ballast your tractor. You can find more videos in this series here:

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Part 1: How to Determine Weight Split and Total Tractor Weight

In part 1 of this video series, you will learn how to choose the appropriate weight split, determine the desired total tractor weight, and identify the amount of weight to be carried by each axle.

Part 2: How to Determine the Needed Ballast to Add to Each Axle

In part 2 of this video series, you will learn how to determine the amount of ballast that needs to be added to each axle and identify the combination of weights to achieve the desired amount of ballast on each axle.

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Click Here to see the full video series!

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