How-To Winterize Small Engines

posted on Monday, September 14, 2020 in How-To & DIY

Image of man working on riding mower

How To: Winterize small engine for winter storage

Are you ready for winter? Are you going to be storing your small engines until spring?  Here are some quick tips for winterizing your equipment for a spring start up.

Riding Lawn Equipment

  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel and run unit for 10 minutes to circulate stabilizer through system
  • Change the engine oil and filters
  • Check belts
  • Check quality and freeze point of coolant if liquid cooled
  • Clean any dirty surfaces and grass debris
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Cover machine while storing

Hand Held Equipment- Blowers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc.

  • Drain the fuel
  • Once empty pour a small amount of STIHL MotoMix Premixed Fuel into the tank, this will add a protective coat to engine during storage
  • Start and run the unit until fuel is completely gone
  • Replace the air filter 

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