MyOperations™ Updates for May/June 2020

posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020 in Stotz Precision

MyOperations is a mobile app that enables monitoring of machines and fieldwork and provides information about your farm or fleet when you need it, where you need it. 

 Summary of updates for May/June 2020 

  • Ability to correct variety names on seeding and harvest work from Map or Analyze 

  • Ability to delete prior fieldwork from Map or Analyze 
  • View an application’s weather conditions while reviewing work on Map 
  • Improved navigation to desired work and map layer with easy to use selection lists 

Image of MyOperations user interface

Variety editing 

Use MyOperations to quickly and easily ensure variety names are accurately recorded so that this data may be used to help make decisions for the following growing season. 

When an incorrectly named variety is noticed while viewing seeding or harvest details on the Map’s field card, select the Edit Variety Name button to begin the correction process. 

Image of MyOperations user interface

The correct variety name may be selected from a list of the organization’s varieties in Product Manager. If the correct variety name has not been previously entered into Product Manager, it is possible to select from the full list of common products or enter a custom product name. 

When an incorrect variety name is identified while viewing seeding and harvest work in Analyze, select the pencil icon at the top of the table to begin the correction process. Similar to editing varieties from Map, Analyze allows varieties to be edited for a single field. In Analyze, a variety name may also be edited for multiple fields at one time. 

Fixing an incorrect variety name in seeding data prior to creating the Harvest Variety Locator file in Setup Builder will result in the corrected name being associated with harvest data. 

Corrections made to a variety name after harvest has finished for the season will need to be made in both the seeding and harvest work. 

Image of MyOperation user interface

Deleting previous work 

Occasionally work gets recorded unintentionally. For example, when just a few seeds are dropped in a field, it creates undesired work that shows up in the selection list. MyOperations makes it easy to delete these from the Map field card and from within Analyze. 

When viewing work on Map, select the Delete Work button at the bottom of the field card to remove the data associated with it. 

In Analyze, use the trash button at the top of the table to remove the data for the work in view. 

Image of MyOperations user inteface

Weather conditions for applications 

It is important to have key weather conditions documented hourly for each field application so these details can be easily referenced later if necessary. MyOperations makes this easier by listing these conditions on the field card when viewing application work on Map. 

Quickly switch between available sources. Access weather conditions manually entered on the display or from the machine’s Mobile Weather station in the Equipment Source. If conditions are not recorded at the machine, AccuWeather® online weather service retrieves conditions at the approximate location and time when application work was recorded. 

The Weather section in the field details card displays temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity at start time. An hourly view of these metrics will be displayed in a chart that can be toggled between each condition type. 

When an application spans multiple days, users select a specific date to view values for that day. The chart displays all hours between the application start and end time. 

When multiple sprayers contribute to one application operation, the weather card will display the data from each machine. 

Image of MyOperation User Interface

Improved Map experience 

The MyOperations Map has been improved to make it easier to navigate directly to the work and corresponding map layer. After selecting a field, tap the top of Map to change the currently selected work or map layer. Filtering options make it quicker to find the desired work. 

Image of MyOperations user interface

The Field, Equipment, and Flag list has been enhanced with additional sorting and filtering options to make finding what you are looking for much quicker. 

Image of MyOperations user interface

Other updates 

  • The Flag icon on Map will be greyed out to indicate the user does not have adequate permissions to create, edit, or delete flags. Any user that does not have Locations Permissions level 3 will not able to use the flags feature. More information about Team Manager can be viewed here. 
  • Clearer status messages are provided on Map when using mobile location sharing.

Links to previous release notes: March 2020 Updates 

Download the MyOperations app for iOS® from the Apple® App Store® or for Android™ from the Google Play™ store. 

Image of myoperations user interface

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