Stotz Precision | T3RRA Top Dirt Academy - 2024

posted on Friday, July 5, 2024 in Stotz Precision

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Limited space available! Only 16 people per wave.

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Stotz Equipment Casa Grande

Stotz Equipment - Casa Grande, AZ

500 N 11 Mile Corner Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85194

Store Info.

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Event Dates & Details

  • Wave 1: Full
  • Wave 2: Full
  • Wave 3: Dec. 9-10, 2024
  • Wave 4: Dec. 11-12, 2024

$1000 per person (due by October 11, 2024)

Registration Fee covers 2 full days of training with daytime meals and training materials/equipment. The attendees will be responsible for travel and lodging.

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Course Overview:

Join us for an intensive 2-day course designed for T3RRA users at Stotz Equipment. The program includes both classroom and in-field training on the installation and optimization of hydraulic controls and T3RRA software. Attendees will leave with comprehensive knowledge of the land-forming package, from set-up to application. The daily schedule will be released this fall.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the full software suite of T3RRA Solutions and their intended applications.
  • Learn how to qualify your customers terrain management requirements and tailor a T3RRA solution to these.
  • Learn the basic hardware and software requirements for T3RRA.
  • Learn the best practices required to allow optimized bulking and finishing operations.
  • Configure a T3RRA system to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Learn the installation and maintenance procedures for T3RRA.
  • Learn how to successfully compete with the other terrain management software on the market.
  • Learn how to successfully compete with the other terrain management software on the market.
  • Understand the importance of protecting AMS technology sales by offering customers a full-stack dirt-moving solution.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the emerging DIY grower land-forming market.
  • Create a full field and drainage ditch design using T3RRA.
  • Learn how to implement in-cab design for surfaces, surface drains, levees, and roads.
  • Learn how to utilize elevation data from other applications stored in the John Deere Operation Center.
  • Level a surface using T3RRA, control system, a John Deere tractor, implement and applicable resources.
  • Optimize T3RRA and control system when encountering issues.

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