New 7500 E-Cut Hybrid Mower

7500 E-Cut Hybrid Mower

No fairway mowers generate more confidence than our E-Cut™ Hybrid models. And eliminating the possibility of a hydraulic leak in the reel circuit out on your fairway is just the beginning. The engine can be throttled down to save fuel - savings that add up over the cutting season. Plus throttling the engine down has the added benefit of significantly reducing noise.

The reel speed always stays rock steady for a consistently ideal frequency of clip. So your fairways always look pleasing to the eye and play evenly as well. And these mowers are even easier to maintain than conventional models for technicians. Thanks to maintenance-free brushless electric motors, no hydraulic lines in the reel circuit, and all the standard benefits of our mowers like Quick Adjust cutting units and white-box diagnostics. So switching to hybrid technology is a breeze, with little to no learning curve for your staff.

Key Features
  • A proven design that drives the cutting unit with electric reel motors
  • 150 potential leak points eliminated in the reel circuit
  • Reel speed stays consistent to maintain ideal frequency of clip
  • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption @ 2300 RPM
Engine horsepower 37.1 (27.7 kW) gross @ 2600 rpm, 1496cc, PS
Cutting Units Quick Adjust QA5 22-in. (55.9 cm)
Cutting Width 100 in. (254 cm)

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