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posted on Thursday, September 1, 2022 in Sustainability

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Utilizing innovative technology helps our customers, but it does not always stop there. When our customers, in turn, can support their customers, everybody wins. 

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An example of this comes from one of our dealerships. Their customer’s client had a cricket infestation in a few of their pivots. Close to 250 acres needed to be sprayed with an insecticide to resolve the issue. Burley’s customer assisted with the use of their John Deere R4044 Sprayer. Afterward, they worked with our Stotz Precision team to obtain simple application coverage maps from the operation. These maps were provided to the chemical supplier who then presented the data to the state where the application took place. As a result, the state covered the cost for all the chemicals used in the process. This is a costly expense and saved the farmer from having to pay for it himself.? 

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By leveraging precision technology and resources, our customer was able to better assist their customer base, reduce expenses, and solve a unique problem that is not commonly encountered. 

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