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To provide cutting edge technology and systems to optimize limited resources and maximize profit for our customers.

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John Deere Operations Center

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The Operations Center is a centralized ag data solution that helps to collect machine, logistic, and agronomic data in a single location.


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John Deere Mobile Apps

Access the entire John Deere application library from the John Deere App Center.


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Data Management AgreementStotz Equipment is committed to providing our customers with the service and support needed to maximize the use of their Precision Ag equipment and keeping our customers on the leading edge of John Deere’s Precision Ag Technology.

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Discover the resources and tools available to make the best decisions, improve efficiency, performance, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

JDLink™ Machine Reports

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LEAF - Business Intelligence System

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AgDNA - Data Automation & Ag Insights


FarmShots - Satellite & Drone Imagery

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TerraCutta - Precision Terrain Solutions

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Field Connect Moisture Probes

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