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How To Adjust & Operate The Frontier LS1145 Mounted Sprayer

The Frontier LS1145 Sprayer is the largest model in the LS11 Series Mounted Sprayers that attach to your utility tractor like any other 3-point implement.

How To Control Weeds

If you have pasture for livestock – or if you have any large acreage where you want healthy vegetation to flourish – then how you control weeds is very important. Because without good weed control, you’ll reduce hay and grazing quality. In this video, we’ll take a look at the two basic ways to control weeds. Mowing and spraying. 

Which tillage tool might be right for you

Vertical tillage versus the more common intensive tillage practice. Learn the differences so you can decide which tillage tool might be best for you.

Why vertical tillage might be right for you

If you’ve been hearing about vertical tillage, but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, take a look at this and learn why vertical tillage might be right for you.

How to adjust and operate the VT17 Series vertical tillage tools

If you’re interested in vertical tillage, then take a look at the VT17 Series vertical tillage tools.

How to choose the right hay tedder for you.

Consider size of operation, terrain, time constraints, and budget when deciding which hay tedder is right for you.

Frontier WR31 Series High Capacity Carted Wheel Rake.

The Frontier WR31 Series High-Capacity Carted Rakes are easy to transport, adjust and use. See them in action.

Frontier WR00 Series Carted Wheel Rakes.

Frontier DM50 Series Disc Mower.

See the Frontier DM50 Series Disc Mower in action and how it could be a great choice for your hay operation.

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