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Agricultural Drones at Stotz Precision

Revolutionizing Precision Agriculture with Advanced Drone Technology

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Why Agricultural Drones?

DJI Agras drones provide innovative solutions for precision agriculture, enabling efficient crop management through advanced field mapping, surveying, and spraying technologies.

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Primary Uses of Drones

  • Field Mapping and Surveying
  • Detailed Crop Analysis
  • Spraying and Granular Spreading Operations

These tools empower agricultural operators with more convenient and efficient options, reduce operation costs, and improve crop quality. We optimize the application of water, fertilizers, and pesticides. DJI drones handle various spraying and spreading tasks with precision.

Advantages of Using Drones

  • Operate in diverse field conditions, including muddy fields
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to traditional ground rigs
  • Chemical conservation through precise application rates
  • Enhanced efficiency with better chemical penetration
  • Flexibility to perform both liquid application and solid spreading

Legal and Operational Requirements

Operating agricultural drones in the U.S. requires compliance with FAA regulations, including obtaining a Part 107 drone pilot license and a Part 137 aerial applicator license. Additional requirements include drone registration and securing proper insurance.

Click here for more information from the FAA.

Speak with your local authorities regarding all legal and operational requirements.

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Available Models

DJI Agriculture, together with Stotz Precision, equips agricultural professionals with robust tools and delivers smart solutions that streamline operations and improve productivity.

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Image of DJI T40 Drone

DJI Agras T40

The AGRAS T40 features a Coaxial Twin Rotor design, supporting up to 40 kg spray and 50 kg (70 L) spread loads. It excels in surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading, enhancing precision in agricultural operations.


DJI Agras TP20

The AGRAS T20P is lightweight yet powerful, carrying up to 20 kg for spraying and 35 L for spreading. It excels in surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading, delivering top performance and versatility.


DJI Agras T30

The DJI Agras T30, with a 30-liter tank and transformative design, enhances aerial spraying, particularly for fruit trees, reducing fertilizer use and increasing yields with data-driven methods.


DJI Agras T10

The Agras T10 features a carbon fiber body for lightness and strength, folds down 70% for easy transport, and has quick-release battery and tank for efficient refilling.

Click Here to Learn More About the DJI Agricultural Drone Lineup

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